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Exam Locations

Monday, January 26

Tuesday, January 27

Wednesday, January 28

Thursday, January 29

Examination Schedule – January 2015

Grades 9-12 Assessment Event/Examination Schedule January 2015

January 2015 Exam Schedule

Friday January 30th is an Assessment and Evaluation Day. No students are present.


  • All Students (Grade 9-12) are only required to be present during their assessment times.
  • Busses will run on normal hours.
  • Cafeteria and Library will be Quiet Study Zones for students who choose to remain at school during non-assessment times.
  • Text books for end of semester classes must be passed in as exams are being written.
  • There will be no exemptions for grade 9 students.
  • Students are permitted to leave their exam after 1 hour.


If a high school is closed during a scheduled exam day, the exam schedule is adjusted by advancing it one day for each missed exam day.

Example: If there is a school cancellation on Monday, January 26

All Monday’s exams move to Tuesday, January 27
All Tuesday’s exams move to Wednesday, January 28
All Wednesday’s exams move to Thursday, January 29 and
All Thursday’s exams move to Friday, January 30.

January 30 is currently a scheduled Assessment & Evaluation Day for high schools. If the exam schedule is advanced by one day, the Assessment & Evaluation Day would move to February 2nd. In addition, the start of Semester Two would move ahead one day to February 3rd.