Teaching Staff

All telephone calls to the school must go through our main number 864-7535. You may then direct your call to a staff member by entering their seven digit extension. Please do not try to “direct dial” the seven digit extension, it is not a phone number. When classes are in session your call will go to voicemail.

Name/Email Email Website Phone Extension
T. Acker-Canning TAcker-Canning@hrsb.ca 775-1133
G. Aucoin GAucoin@hrsb.ca 775-1134
L. Aucoin laucoin@hrsb.ca Website 775-1142
E.Bay Ebay@hrsb.ca Website 775-1223
L. Bowes lbowes@hrsb.ns.ca Website 775-1111
J. Carroll JCarroll@hrsb.ca Website 775-1213
 D. Wesley 775-1128
 C. MacDonald  Catherine.MacDonald@hrsb.ca 775-1240
D. Cooper dcooper@hrsb.ns.ca Website 775-1220
T. Cowan tcowan@hrsb.ns.ca Website 775-1132
D. Cudmore dcudmore@hrsb.ca 775-1125
A. Dale adale@hrsb.ns.ca Website 775-1135
J. Denny jdenny@hrsb.ns.ca 775-1143
 V. Hughes 775-1131
G. Frost gfrost@hrsb.ns.ca Website 775-1203
J. Glover jglover@hrsb.ns.ca Website 775-1140
 A. Verge  AVerge@hrsb.ca 775-1132
G. Gorringe ggorringe@hrsb.ns.ca 775-1152
P. Jacobs pjacobs@hrsb.ca 775-1202
C. Jakeman CJakeman@hrsb.ca Website 775-1139
J. Jennings Jason.Jennings@hrsb.ca Website 775-1226
M. Laba mario.laba@hrsb.ca 775-1211
K. Lovett lovettk@hrsb.ca Website  775-1229
C. MacIntyre macintyrec@hrsb.ns.ca Website 775-1229
S. MacKinnon smackinnon@hrsb.ns.ca Website 775-1232
T. MacLeod tmacleod@hrsb.ca 775-1215
M. McLellan MMcLellan@hrsb.ca Website 775-1107
K. Merrick kmerrick@hrsb.ns.ca Website 775-1208
 J. Montgomery JMontgomery@hrsb.ca Website 775-1228
D. O’Connor doconnor@hrsb.ca 775-1234
C. Peters cpeters@hrsb.ns.ca Website 775-1235
R. Pilon rpilon@hrsb.ns.ca Website 775-1222
M. Richards mrichards@hrsb.ca Website 775-1212
L. Rigby rigbyl@hrsb.ns.ca Website 775-1236
M. Saab saabm@hrsb.ns.ca Website 775-1233
S. Shaw sshaw@hrsb.ns.ca Website 775-1239
L. Stafford lstafford@hrsb.ca
J. Ward jward@hrsb.ns.ca Website 775-1239
B. Welcher bwelcher@hrsb.ns.ca Website 775-1210
A. White awhite@hrsb.ca Website 775-1151
D. Wilkin dwilkin@hrsb.ca 775-1240